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Arie has avoided telling people her dream of becoming a writer since she was seven years old. The first sentence of the first story she wrote was “The cool breeze whipped against Singing Bird’s brown cheeks.” So obviously, she was a natural.

She set her sights high from the beginning, hoping to rewrite the ending of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Titanic” (the movie, not the tragic event). Years later, she tried to make it big by becoming a “Veronica Mars” fanfiction writer. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out and she finally decided to create her own stories again. Arie likes to write contemporary stories for people of all ages and she specializes in stories that are full of angsty drama, with just enough random humor thrown in so you don’t overdose on the feels.

Arie can usually be found in her car (her other job requires lots of driving), singing horrendously but being proud of the fact that she remembers almost all the words. In her free time, she enjoys explaining why jumping off the top of the stairs is a bad idea, being followed into the bathroom and cooking food that is secretly given to the dog.

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